Friday, October 7, 2011


I love a good hot shower.  Recently I have been changing it up and having a bracing cold shower for the last bit and boy does that wake a body up.  I'm normally a morning showerer, needing the refresher to be ready for the day.  But I do enjoy a nice long evening shower sometimes.  I put on my showeroke playlist, sing and (carefully) dance to my heart's content.

Three things I think about almost every time I shower:

Eddie Izzard - one nanomillimeter between fantastically hot and fucking freezing

The Bernoulli Effect - my high school physics professor didn't say much that stayed with me.  But one thing stuck like shower curtain to a wet leg.  

The Newlywed Game - ok not this clip but it made me laugh pretty hard.  One show asked the guys how they would describe their wife's shower habits.  Top to bottom/bottom to top, left to right/right to left, or front to back/back to front.  I think about it almost every morning wondering how a partner might describe mine.