Monday, October 3, 2011

Off the Top of my Head

Things I learned the past week:

I miss good conversationalists.  I know some amazing ones.  They are far away either geographically, chronologically, or emotionally.  I need to find some here.  People you can just talk to about anything and everything and it's all just in good fun and both of you are curious and interested in everything.  That.

Alcohol sometimes helps.

I wish my dad could have stopped by.  He would have consumed said alcohol with me and then we would have had a phenomenal conversation for hours.  Yeah.  That sucked.

It's hard to say Tax Disc.

It's also hard to say Book Box Books.

Stratford-upon-Avon is everything you want it to be.

So is Oxford.  (BJET, you should have been there!  You could have worn your tweed jacket and pretended to be the professor you will actually become one day)

P G Wodehouse is HILARIOUS!  (also if you haven't seen Jeeves & Wooster do that ASAP - that's pronounced "eh sap", E.).

It's not that hard to take a photo of a hot guy reading a book...this may happen more often.

If you forget your hot chocolate for ten minutes, you will have the best milk skin of all time (remember this, Mr. Dog when you prepare all your milk skins for my consumption :).

When someone says red dwarf at the appropriate time, you might snort so loudly you end up having a drunk, yet still bumbling, Englishman appear and ask what you are doing on his drive.

The country has weird and scary noises.  When you are locked out in the land of the weird and scary noises you think of lots of things you might end up spending the night with.

A knickerbocker glory is scrumptious!

I will always and forever be a child.  I love tiny doors that lead to mysterious places.  I always talk to strangers.  I believe in the importance of cartwheels.

Watching two people confront the short remainder of their lives is a really hard thing to witness.

I like books.  Ok we know this.  I bought a stack of books in Oxford and am excited to read them.

To remember these three songs, I pictured a tiny Mick Jagger with another little dude dancing in a teacup.  Yep.  That's how my mind remembers things.  Whatever.  It works!!!

Stephen Merchant is doing a stand-up tour.  Anyone free sometime between Nov 28th and Dec 1st to join me?????

Fall colors soothe the soul.

Bruises get a lot uglier before they fade away.  Also they last longer than I think they should.

This is my home.  I don't want to get kicked out but I refuse to use my ring finger as a way to stay.  Please stop suggesting it (unless he's smart, funny, has some stubble, strong arms, tussleable hair, and appreciates puns, word play/words in general, and playing along with sunday puzzles while cooking on a Sunday afternoon.  Then perhaps put him in touch.  Oh and he has to like kung fu movies and graphic novels too.  And be 65% a kid.  Yeah, find one of those and I'll listen to your suggestions).

I think my 30/30 list is complete. I was missing two things.  It looks like they will be: playing in a band again and seeing a play at the Minack (I've only ever seen a rehearsal there but it is stunning).

Chris has always heard of anything I hope to introduce him to.  As has bjet, but he's always read it in latin as well as pashto before I ever even heard of it.  Who are these people?