Friday, October 7, 2011

Street Party on North Mews

So I set up this London Street party to have a fun theme for Saturday. Come resembling your favorite London street.  Hardly anyone is accepting because hardly anyone at school is fun or silly or into anything remotely witty or clever. They just want to go out to fancy, expensive clubs where women are wearing nothing and grind up on strangers. It is so fucking old. I purposefully gave an example of Baker street as someone wearing an apron with flour smudges on their face to describe the simple possibilities. Not exactly indicative of a requirement to purchase an entirely new wardrobe, right? Just to take two seconds to think of something fun or punny. I was considering Friend street (as suggested by E) and wearing a mirror so when people look in it I would say I'm Friend Street. But I will smash that mirror and take the seven years of bad luck because certainly it will be better than seven years of having the reflections be of people I can't actually be myself around. What kind of friend is that, really?  Those reading this are my real friends who would come dressed as Bond street (and not the 007 type).  And we all know what street E would be.  Perhaps I will throw in the towel and lame out like the rest.  Noel street: you know, like Christmas.

Less angsty addendum:  those who are coming, while small in numbers, are big in cool.  It will still be a good night.  And more booze for us to share, yeah?!?!