Monday, September 12, 2011

Another One Bites the Dust

If you have never seen the awesomeness that is parkour, check out the intro to District B-13.


I love kung fu.  I love martial arts in general.  I love anything that shows what the human body is capable of doing when well-tuned. 

Parkour is an incredible discipline based on a simple premise of moving forward using the environment you find yourself in.  It reminds me of being a kid, exploring the world simply because I am curious about how to do so (something I never really grew out of).  

I used to spend ALL day outside running, jumping, flipping, climbing, running, and cycling (before you think I was a super cool kid, remember that I spent ALL night reading books and studying, which tips the scales much more to the nerdy kid side).  We never thought about the calories we were burning or counted the reps, we just kept going, had fun, and were in control of our motion.  

Over the years, hours of sitting at desks, whether at school or work, softened my muscles.  No longer!  I added Parkour to my 30/30 essentially because it looked like a lot of fun; the big kid version of how I used to play.  It teaches you how to reclaim the world as your playground once again, to get bruised and battered but also strong and brave.  I know I won't ever be as good as the dude in District B13 because a) I'm not a dude and b) I am not so hard core but it's definitely something I would love to keep doing and get better at.

PS I was going to cleverly insert video links for you to follow but, as there are too many I want to share and because I worry you might overlook some, here are links to a few things I think are kind of sweet:

A beautiful scene in a stunning movie

Kung Fu Hustle 

They are on fire, people!!  For some reason I can't upload this one but it is awesome.  Watch it! 

HAHA awesome