Friday, September 23, 2011

Now and Then

A new day, a new season, a new present.  Today is an absolutely gorgeous first day of Fall.  I started the day with a delivery from darlingest Lindsey which basically leveled up my week.  Thanks, love!!!  You are a super star!  Hopefully we can frolic in London sometime before February.  In your honor I listened to my mix tape/cd/mp3 and it was awesome.  Definitely a boost in my life!

This morning I woke up early to get ready for my family's arrival.  Now I remember the reality of "a messy bed a messy head."  With all the busy-ness (yeah, you try to spell that without it coming out as business) the last couple of weeks, I've slowly grown a sleeping parter made of books and bras.  Winston and Puppy have felt a little jealous and neglected.  Now they have all the space in the world though and boy does it feel lovely both physically and mentally.

While I was cleaning I realized it has been a year since my mom has been to London.  I started thinking of how things have changed in that time so I thought maybe I would share with you as well.  Here is a mini tour of my house and my plants then and now.  note: I'll add a photo once I put up the previously mentioned present :)

Then - mom appreciating the Zen look
Now - MAPS!

Before - the bookshelf was mostly a pharmacy

After - my books had babies
2010 - I never liked that rug

2011 -  many stolen pub glasses, Park Cafe stickers, and plants

And now for the plants.  Last year I only had one little plant.

Q in 2010 just a couple of weeks old.  
Q and his new friend in 2011.  He doesn't look much bigger but he is.  He outgrew the little white pot ages ago. 

I don't know what kind of plant this is.  It is cute and has sweet little purple flowers that are constantly blooming. 

Paolo - After and Before

I inherited three plants from Alicia when she left too.  They are all still kicking!

I'm a big fan

 The Kitchen

Every kitchen is better with fresh herbs and window boxes :) 

The back garden.  It's changed quite a lot as well!  And our neighbor just put in a cute little shack.  Much better than the rotting mattresses out there with the last owner.  It's looking really cute!  Next step: somehow invite myself to one of their bbqs.