Sunday, September 11, 2011

A is for Amy, who fell down the stairs*

For being a fairly chill weekend, A Bunch C-md to happen:

Cute baby photos from Maren :)
Double feature movie/spa day at my flat with Anya
Éclair hunt for Yafit
Free banana and fresh squeezed OJ
Grocery shopping
Hippie picnic blanket's first use
I saved more fish from more ponds with more moss.  Seriously.  Why?
Kilburn High Street
Membership card at the BL
National Portrait Gallery
Parkour practice
Q&A of the day: what advice would you give a second-grader? (7-8 year old, for you non US-ers)
Reggae Reggae sauce....mmmmmmm
Sweet story of Texas from a security guard at the BL
Thames time from a bench on a warm September evening
Uncharted territory
Visa discussions
Walk around Soho
X-essive (give me a bit of grace here..) shop at Boots.  Won't have to go back for months!
Yummy Persian food
Zainab - "it's killing children!"

*because he makes me giggle in a schadenfreudey kind of way