Sunday, September 4, 2011

It's Official...

  • ...I go to Pedro's too often.  The girl there knows my order.  
  • ...this dad with his little boy is the cutest thing I've seen all week (and my week included some wicked dimples). 
  • ...I am a crazy person.  This morning when I left my flat, I crawled under the spiderweb spanning the gap of the open gate.  I couldn't bring myself to ruin what took him all night to build.  That's not the crazy part though.  The crazy is that I talked to him as I did it.  I'd like to think we gained an understanding and respect for one another.  (Any neighbor who saw me leave my front yard on my hands and knees, looking over my shoulder, talking to the air may have lost some respect for me, however.  And thus, the universe finds itself in balance once again.)
  • ...I love Radiolab.  Still.  More.  Always
  • If you are unfamiliar with this incredible podcast, start with this recent short!!!
  • ...Pastoralia is just as funny the second time.  I am going to share some of my favorite words from it with you.  It's a hard book to find one-line zingers in because the dialogue is all about the scene in which it develops.  You really have to just read it, and when you do these will make you shoot milk out of your nose (though if you are drinking beer at the time, you might consider dropping by a clinic soon).  Here you go:
    • I mime to her that I dreamed of a herd that covered the plain like the grass of the earth, they were as numerous as grasshoppers and yet the meat of their humps resembled each a tiny mountain etc. etc.  (submission request: please act out the above and send me a video.  It would make my month!
    • "I want to stab you, Dad," says the little boy.  "With a sharp sword, you're so dumb."  "Ha ha!" says the dad.  "But don't forget, Cole-Cole, the pen is mightier than the sword! Remember that?  Remember that I taught you that?  Wouldn't it be better to compose an insulting poem, if you have something negative about me you want to convey?  Now that's real power!"
    • "Oh bullshit," she says.  "I never once called you an asshole.  And I definitely did not say fucking.  I never say fuck.  I quit that a long time ago.  You ever hear me say fuck?"  She looks at me.  I shake my head no.  She never says fuck.  When she means fuck she says freak.  She is very very consistent about this. 
  • ...I am going to swear less.   
  • niblings are too grown up!  College?!  What?!  
  • friends are some of the most intellectual people I know.  They love books AND words.  We could talk or not talk for days and still find things to not talk about. 
  • ...said friends live far too freakin far away.  Also it's been far too long since I've chatted with some of them.  Let's fix that, eh?  
  • ...this video is a classic.  Aforementioned friends who live far too freakin far will remember and appreciate this: 
  • ...Big Red rocks.  
  • (oh sweet jesus, in my search for that last picture I found this page.  DON'T DO IT!!!)
    Last night, Adam was the DJ at Big Red.  He describes the music as "exclusively emo, pop punk, and nu metal."  Needless to say, I want to bring the Morris kids here!  The crowd is awesome (if not a tiny bit scary).  Tons of incredible tattoos, rocker hair, and leather jackets/dresses/shoes (well leather shoes for some, Chucks for seemingly everyone else).  I WILL be going back.  
    Also will be going to Adam's birthday party. With an ad like this how could one not!   
    • And's official that this post is FAR longer than I planned it to be!!!